ZeppelinHub Documentation

Three advantages and Benefits of ZeppelinHub

Connect Apache Zeppelin and dynamically replicate your notebooks.

If you installed Apache Zeppelin and created an account for ZeppelinHub, you can generate a token for your Zeppelin instance. Then you can seamlessly connect ZeppelinHub with Apache Zeppelin.

Share your notebook with anyone, anywhere.

Apache Zeppelin provides a beautiful visualization for your data analysis results. Using ZeppelinHub, you can privately and publically publish the results to anyone you want to share. As you make changes in Apache Zeppelin, it will be reflected to ZeppelinHub immediately.

Create teams and spaces for sharing private notebooks.

ZeppelinHub space is a unit of notebook sharing. You can privately share notebooks only your team having an access permission. In ZeppelinHub, you can leave some comments in your notebook for the dynamic team work.

Discover the best of Apache Zeppelin Notebooks

ZeppelinHub Viewer is a community site for sharing Apache Zeppelin notebooks. Using Viewer, you can explore some dramatic examples of notebooks. You can find more specific information in ZeppelinHub Viewer section.

Apache Zeppelin Multitenancy

In organization, it is not feasible to make all users install and configure Apache Zeppelin. With single URL, all users go to get their own, containerized version of Apache Zeppelin, utilising resources of the shared cluster. Multitenancy makes using Apache Zeppelin with ZeppelinHub easier in multi-user environment. For the further information, please read Apache Zeppelin Multitenancy section.