Creating Composers

NOTE: Only business service plan users can use Composer.

What is Composer ?

Sometimes you might want to extract some paragraphs located in different notebooks. In this case, you can create a new notebook using Composer feature in ZeppelinHub. Why don't you try to make your own dashboard ?

Creating a composed notebook

Let's create a new composed notebook. You can easily find Composer section at ZeppelinHub dashboard. You can manage your newly composed notebooks in this place.

First, click + Create Notebook and type a composer name.

The new composed notebook can be organized by two kind of paragraphs.

  • First, you can send existing paragraphs to your composed notebook. If there is no suitable notebook yet, you can create a new notebook using     button in this step.

  • Another is a normal text paragraph. You can directly add new paragraphs in the composed notebook and attach some descriptions using plain text or HTML tags.

    Save this paragraph with Shift + Enter or by clicking button.

    NOTE : We are planning to support Markdown editor in the near future.

Managing paragraphs

The paragraph setting in the composed notebook is quite similar with Apache Zeppelin. To change the setting, click gear button located in the top-right corner of each paragraph. It will show the following setting list.

You can also resize the paragraph width by drag & drop.