Welcome to ZeppelinHub!

ZeppelinHub enables you to share your Apache Zeppelin notebooks. Once you register and integrate Apache Zeppelin with ZeppelinHub, you can privately share your notebooks and communicate via the notebooks with your team members. The following illustration shows a basic concept of ZeppelinHub.

Key Concepts

For truly using ZeppelinHub service, there are some components and processes needed to be understood.

ZeppelinHub Account

It is pretty straightforward to join ZeppelinHub. We will ask you for only basic information.
For the more detail information, please read Managing your ZeppelinHub Account section.

Apache Zeppelin Instance

You might wonder how you can install and configure Apache Zeppelin. If so, please read Apache Zeppelin Installation first. As you can see in the above illustration, you can manage several Apache Zeppelin instances in your ZeppelinHub account. ( Instance is not a strange word. It is just a unit of Apache Zeppelin. ) Once you add a new instance to ZeppelinHub, it will generate a Unique Token only for that instance. This token is used to identify your instance with ZeppelinHub. More specific explanation about Apache Zeppelin integration is in Integration with Apache Zeppelin section.


ZeppelinHub Space is a unit of sharing notebooks. Using space, you can gather your own and shared notebooks from your team members efficiently. When you create a space, you can invite your team members. Only invited people can have an access permission to the shared notebooks. For the further details, please refer to Sharing your Notebooks.