Billing & Invoicing FAQ

This page will help you to understand how to manage your ZeppelinHub Business subscription. If you have any questions which is not in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us at ZeppelinHub support team will be happy to help you.

1. Can I use ZeppelinHub for FREE?

Yes, you can use ZeppelinHub for free. ZeppelinHub Freemium plan provides unlimited notebook sharing, backup and collaboration with anyone publicly and privately. For further details about available features in the BUSINESS plan, please visit ZeppelinHub Pricing Guide.

2. How can I check or upgrade my service plan?

You can consult and manage your subscription in the Settings -> Billing page.

If you have a Freemium Plan, you will have a link to upgrade to a Business Plan in your profile page.

3. What are my payment options?

You can use your credit card to pay for any service plan. Currently, we only support Visa, Master and American Express card. Once you get your subscription, you will be automatically charged every month.

4. Can I get an invoice for my payment?

We will send an invoice to your email address after you paid. You can check all of your invoices below the Payment History section as well. The email address can also be updated in the billing page.

5. I have a coupon. How can I use this?

We issued FREE UPGRADING COUPONS so that ZeppelinHub users can upgrade and explore BUSINESS tier features for one month without any payment. Just type the code in the coupon field when you get a subscription. But please note that you still need to enter a vaild credit card number. Don't worry. We won't charge anything.

Since the free coupon is vaild for only one person, you might need to pay for other people if you want to pay for several team members. It means you will get $50 discount on total payment amount.

6. I want to unsubscribe my service plan. How can I confirm this?

Whenever you want to stop the payment, you can cancel the subscription in the billing page. It will be reflected right after the cancelation. Then you won't be charged from the next month.

7. What's happend if I add/cancel the license?

You can subscribe regularly not only for you but for your team members. You can add more licenses when you first get a subscription, or later in your Billing page.

After the payment, you can select users for each license. Of course it's possible to cancel the licenses as well. Changes of your billing will be charged the next month.

8. Payment ammount is not reflected right after I paid. What's going on?

Although your payment is successfully done, we will need a couple of minutes to validate the transaction. Don't worry. It won't take too much time. Please refresh ZeppelinHub billing page after a few minutes. Then it will show the updated Total Payment Amount.