Announcing ZeppelinHub Release

Team ZEPL is pleased to announce the availability of ZeppelinHub new release.
As Apache Zeppelin becomes the standard open source interface to visualize and extract insight from all data sets, more and more analytics notebooks are being created every day. ZeppelinHub is the ideal platform to dynamically share these notebooks across organizations and collaborate with other data engineers and line of business users.
We've put significant effort into improving ZeppelinHub since the last release, focusing on having new features, improvements on stability.

We would like to thank you all for your continued patronage of ZeppelinHub. We encourage everyone to try using ZeppelinHub new release.
Any feedbacks through are always welcome, so please do not hesitate to send us emails.

Public Release 3

Released on 15 July 2016


There are many improvements for Composer in this release. First of all, you can share the composed notebook in the space. Also, you can leave some comments in the composed notebook as well. The most notable improvement is, new text editor(WYSIWIG: What You See Is What You Get) was applied. You can add some report description not in Zeppelin notebook but in ZeppelinHub directly.

So far, it might be little bit inconvenient to find where the alarm was generated by yourself. You don't need to find them manually anymore. You can directly go to the right place via notification link.

Url anchor for paragraphs & comments
You can see an anchor icon at the top of each paragraphs in shared notebooks and each comments. Copy the link by clicking this icon and share them!

Public Release 2

Released on 16 May 2016


New Material Design
Usability and user experience are always at the forefront of our minds. We want to make sure sharing and collaborating with your notebooks is uber easy.

Mobile & tablet device support
This is a mobile world and we believe even enterprise applications should be mobile friendly. Now, ZeppelinHub fully supports all mobile and tablet devices.

There is now a notification feature that notifies you on actions such as being added/deleted from spaces, comments made directly to you by others, and so on.

Public Release 1

Released on 1 April 2016


Publish notebooks through ZeppelinHub Viewer
You can make your notebooks public or private mode and publish them publicly through ZeppelinHub Viewer option. Please see ZeppelinHub Viewer section for the details.

Feedbacks on each paragraph
Leave comments on each reports and share your thoughts with other people. For the more details, please see this section.

Ability to run & execute notebooks remotely
You can run and execute your notebooks in ZeppelinHub from any connected device.
NOTE : This feature is only available for Business service plan users.

You can compose many paragraphs located in other notebooks using Composer feature.
Build new notebooks and use it like a dashboard.
NOTE : This feature is only available for Business service plan users.

Beta Release

Released on 12 Oct 2015


Connect & Save Apache Zeppelin notebooks
You can connect your Apache Zeppelin instances as many as you want. For the details, please read Integration with Apache Zeppelin.

Share & Copy notebooks privately
You can share your Apache Zeppelin notebooks with other people through Space. More details are in Sharing Notebooks and Copying Notebooks section.