Sharing your Notebooks

In this section, we will explain how to create a space and how you can share Apache Zeppelin notebooks and communicate with your team members.

What is Space?

ZeppelinHub Space is a unit of sharing notebooks. Using space, you can efficiently gather your own and shared notebooks from your team members. When you create a space, you can invite your people. As a result, you can gather both Notebooks and Users in the Space. Make it a perfect place to share your new notebooks with your coworkers !

Creating a Space

Let's create a space.

Click plus button    , then type your space name and a short description.

Then it will give you a empty space. Start from adding new people to your space.

You can check the notebook information in the Space such as the origin Apache Zeppelin instance name of notebooks, the name of notebooks creator and the date of last update.

Adding Notebooks to the Space

There are two ways for publishing a notebook from your Apache Zeppelin instance to the Space.

  1. Just Drag & Drop your notebook to the space that you want to share in the left menu.

  2. Click share button and select a space that you want to send.

Inviting people to the Space

In the space, you can grant an access permission to your members. Once someone is added to your space, he/ she can see your space in his ZeppelinHub dashboard. You can also check the number of people next to the icon who have the permission in this space.

You can also give some feedback about the shared notebooks. Click conversation button at the top of the each paragraph and start a conversation with your people about the report.