Managing your ZeppelinHub Account

Welcome your first step to explore ZeppelinHub !
In this section, we will help you get your foot in the door.

Create your ZeppelinHub Account

Since ZeppelinHub is private notebook sharing service, you need your own account.

As you can see, ZeppelinHub requires only the basic information. Just fill out the form and agree with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. All the processes for the registration are done.

Manage your Profile

You may want to update your account information after sign up. Click a Arrow Button on top-right of the navigation menu and go to Setting page.

Then you can manage your private information at Profile menu.

If you want to change your profile image, click Change picture. Then Gravatar page will be shown up. Change your image to the coolest one in here, then it will be applied to your ZeppelinHub account automatically. You can also check or upgrade your Service Plan Type in this page.