ZeppelinHub Viewer

ZeppelinHub Viewer is a community site for sharing Apache Zeppelin notebooks. As long as a notebook is made public, you can use Viewer to share this link with non-ZeppelinHub users.

Make your notebook public

You can set your notebook to public or private mode in the notebook Settings section.

You can easily find icon in here. It means your notebook is in private mode. This is the default status of your notebook. In order to see this notebook via Viewer, you need to change this status to Public. Just click icon and make the eye open.

Optionally you can select the showcase where your public notebook is located. Of course you can choose multiple showcases or nothing.

If you have no idea about Showcases yet, please read What is the showcase ? section first.

It will generate the public URL for the notebook. Just copy to the clipboard and visit the site.

Then you can see your notebook in ZeppelinHub Viewer.

Make your notebook private

Whenever you want to change your notebook to private mode, click icon and make it . Then no one would be able to access your notebook, except the ZeppelinHub users that it has been shared with, and public url will not work any more.

What is the Showcase ?

ZeppelinHub Viewer have number of showcase available.

You can label your notebook with one of the showcase tags, so it will appear under particular Showcase section inside the Viewer.

If you select the showcases when you set your notebook to Public mode, the notebook will be added under that showcase list. Now you can publish some awesome notebooks, and be sure that they will be found through the Showcases!